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Re: [IP] Food experiences

On 4 Dec 2000, at 10:31, Bonnie Richardson wrote:

> Dear wombn: 
> Thank you so much for sharing your experiences about food attitudes.  

Sure thing!  I know I'm very odd/unusual.  I've never encountered a 
single person who had similar experiences.  I've been accused to 
being anorexic so many times it's not even funny anymore.  And for 
some reason, the 7 psychiatrists and 12 therapists who agreed 
with me doesn't make the accusers believe me.  I dunno.  I just 
might have *some* kind of eating disorder, but it sure isn't the 
classic definition of anorexia.

> older I get the more I see how that environment plays a large role in our
> attitudes.  I am sorry it is difficult for you.   

Well, I don't know any other way of being.  To me, this is how 
humans are supposed to be and other people baffle *me*.

>I would be glad to give
> you 30-40 extra pounds...maybe someday they will either perfect the
> "overweight" gene, or we can have fat transfusion for those who need it

ogod, that would be wonderful.  Actually, I'd rather have your 
appetite.  And my husband wants some of my hair and skin (he's 
balding and has miserable psoriasis)

> (Ewwww, that even grosses me out). 

> In any case, I guess the grass is always greener, I wish I didn't like food.
> In my next life, I will be tall willowy and beautiful!  

Be prepared for lots of resentment and no dates.

> Thanks again for sharing !!!
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