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Re: [IP] Message from Moira


  My son Joshua turns 9 next week.  He started pumping last DEC.  We chose 
the Disetronic pump because it is waterproof.  Josh was in the middle of 
swimming lessons when we started.  We didn't have any problems with the pump 
but had trouble with the sites coming off because of the swimming and because 
he sweats pretty heavy in the hot weather too.  We have since found Mastisol, 
a really good adhesvie liquid that seems to have taken care of that trouble.  
Found out about it from this list!!!

  Anyway, depending on how warm the water is would determine how long I'd 
have Josh swim with the pump on.  The warmer the water the more the heat 
breaks down the insulin and lessens its potency.  But swimming with the pump 
is a lot easier for girls because they can have it under their one piece suit 
(if that is what they wear) and the suit holds all the tubing and everything. 
 You might fine that you just need to change out the insulin more often 
during swimming times than other times but otherwise you should do well with 
the swimming.

Good luck and keep us  posted!

sylvia staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted you want to chat more privately!
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