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Re: [IP] Anyone else not record bgs, boluses, etc.??

This is why we started tracking lots of info (thanks for saying
it so well!) For daily stuff we just write down bgs and boluses
(used to do carbs but quit a while back.) But once a month or so
I'll sit down and calculate all the other things out that I
mentioned the other day, to send to the endo (doesn't take long.)
My daughter's A1C just kept going up since going on the pump so
we felt it was necessary to take the bull by the horns, so to
speak. Since we started doing the calcs once a month, the A1C has
come down (coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so.) The dr used
to do all the calcs that I'm now sending to him but he is a busy
man so I figured he didn't have time to do that for all the
patients he has (not all of us have the software for the meter.
He doesn't have it either [military hospital] so we can't even
download it when we see him.) Besides, I like to know this
information because it helps me see where we need to improve (and
like I said, it is apparently working as the A1C is improving.)
If it weren't for the A1C going up I may not have started to
track all the various info. Who knows. My daughter (10) can do
what she wants when she's older. But for now, I think it is
necessary for us to do this to get a better handle on things.

email @ redacted said:
For years and years I was with you on that.  I think diabetics
have every
good reason in the world not to, because we've spent too much of
our life
feeling medicalized, studied and dehumanized.  But it was
for me when I decided to do it for myself.  I've been diabetic 25
on the pump for 2 and recording for the past year, religiously. 
In that
year my A1C went from 7 something to 5.1% and I've never felt so
good.  So
for me, it isn't about morality or shoulds and it isn't bad if
you don't
but the proof is in the pudding.  Writing things down makes them
and consciousness changes the nature of the experiment.

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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