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[IP] Watch that Tubing!!!

Last night I had escalating glucose readings, 330, 368, 398...I high sugar
bolused for each only to see that nothing improved and they were escalating
rapidly.  Upon examination of the pump tubing, I found, only by manipulating
the tubing, that right at the tubing the (I think it is the luer lock?) hard
plastic connect to the reservoir, the part that sticks out of the pump,
was severed and hanging by a thread.

Of course, I took an injection and changed the site.  It took a long time
for things to get back to normal and I know I over treated and ended up with
a 29 this AM, took 4 glucose tabs.  I was supposed to have lab work this AM,
but had to cancel because of the glucose tabs, although I did bring in my 24
hour urine collection.

The only thing I can figure is that when I used the bathroom yesterday, the
pump slipped from my clothing and hit the floor.  I examined it then and
thought all was fine.  What I think happened is that it must have landed
right on that part where the tubing and hard plastic come together and
severed the tubing then.  I guess it was easy enough to happen because I use
the long reservoir connection and not the short.  That leaves more of that
hard palstic sticking out and more easy to damage.

When things like that are happening I tend to get stupid and deny that
anything could be wrong with the pump.  I kept thinking it was the Christmas
cookie I ate at a party yesterday.  But, from another incident earlier in
the week(changed a site and sugars kept climbing, rechanged at 3AM when near
400, did not inject), I acted a lot more wisely and injected right away and
then proceeded to change the site.

Another lesson learned!  Watch that tubing!!!!!  It did not look damaged
until I was checking it and saw it twist as if hanging together by a thread,
which it was.
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