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Re: [IP] Re: Velosulin?

> > There are a fair number of people that have one kind of allergy or
> > another to Humalog or one of it's components. There are also a few
> people
> > who use R or V in their pump for basal only (smoother ride) and bolus
> > with an insulin pen 'cause it's quick and easy. Both groups are a
> small
> > minority of pumpers, but those ARE reasons.
> > Michael
> For me, the sites do not go bad as quickly, they last longer with V.
>  I am using H now, but have to be more careful with how long I use
> the same site.  A little too long and I will get high 200's and up,
> for no other reason (I can predict it). 

Mixing a small amout of Velosulin with your H could eliminate the 
unpredictable highs with minimal change to the apparent quick 
response of the H. a 5 part H, 1 part V mixture has little impact on 
the response time but eliminates the annoying site loss for many 
pumpers. 5/1 H/V mix (not a ratios) is 16% Velosulin.
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