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[IP] Sherry's Rescue 911

Saturday evening I came home from some heavy-duty Christmas shopping and decided to take a nap. My husband
asked me to do a blood test first.  I replied that I was fine, but I was too tired to bother.  That tells
me that I was already dipping low.  Usually I humor him and do one when he asks just to put his mind at
ease.  He tends to associate my sleeping with problems since most of my scary hypos have been late at night
or early in the morning.
Anyway, about three hours later I dimly remember him testing me, then trying to pour orange juice down my
throat.  In between cans of juice, he tried glucose tabs. He said I was crying and refusing to talk or open
my eyes.  Finally when he couldn't seem to get my numbers to come up and I wasn't responding, he called
911. In fourteen years of being Diabetic, this was my first experience with paramedics. A firetruck pulled
up and six men came in my house to surround my bed while they retested me and put glucose gel in my mouth
(ugghh). Actually about the time they pulled up, I was already feeling more coherant and was horribly
embarrassed to have strangers see me like that. They only stayed a few minutes, then I signed a release and
they left.
When I really came to myself, I was covered in orange juice where I had been spitting it back up, and had
several bloody fingers where my husband got overly enthusiastic with my lancet device. Usually my husband
can handle my hypos.  If I give my husband trouble not wanting to eat, he calls my mother and has her tell
me to eat. He even figured out and remembers how to suspend my pump. I think the reason he called 911 this
time is the crying. He said I was crying hysterically and wouldn't open my eyes or talk, and it really
scared him. In some dim part of my sugar-starved mind, I think I heard him say something about the baby.  I
was convinced that I had lost it, and didn't want to wake up and find out it was true. I don't remember
most of that lost hour or so, but I do know that the mind does some strange things when you are low.
We could laugh a little about it later.  I will always remember my husband yelling at the guys as the
firetruck pulled up--"I didn't call the fire department.  I want an ambulance dammit!!"
You can bet I will be testing before any naps I take from now on.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Recovering from her exciting weekend adventure
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