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[IP] Anyone else not record bgs, boluses, etc.??

OK, ready for a beating, but.... 

Am I the only one who doesn't record bg's and boluses regularly?  I do it 
when I'm having a problem figuring out something, or need to change basal 
rates.  I do test really often 10-12 times a day, and at least once in the 
night.  Not very adventursome in my eating either.  But it drives me batty to 
see all those numbers and beat myself up over every wrong choice.  I guess 
it's just easier for me mentally to forgive the number, adjust and go on.

My A1c is good, 5.9 last time.  Now if we can just get the blood pressure to 
cooperate . . . before the kidneys take a nose dive.

Just wondered if I'm the only rebellious soul who doesn't keep a regular log 

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