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[IP] meter lost in the cold-long

Yesterday was my birthday and we all went out to a restaurant about 30
minutes from home. Eve checked herself in our van about 5 minutes from the
restaurant to find out if she might have to bolus herself down, because if
you have to wait at this restaurant they offer you chips and salsa and being
Saturday night we expected a long wait. She thought she had slipped her
meter in her coat pocket when we went in to eat. Being that we didn't wait
long to be seated, she just used the bg number she had just taken in the van
as her supper number.

Now, fast forward several hours to our home, Eve wanted a snack before bed,
went to get her meter out of her coat, no meter. Thinking that when we
arrived home she removed it from her coat pocket, we started searching the
house for her meter, couldn't find it. Thinking she left it in the van, she
checked the van, no meter. Eve being Eve<G>, I also checked the van, no

Remembering that she had gotten out of the van at our road to get the mail
(we live in the rural part of Mn. and the mail box is across the road from
our driveway) I took a flashlight and went out to check the driveway (house
is about 100 feet from road) and the road, no sign of her meter or parts of
her meter. Eve also went out and checked her path from the mailbox, no
meter. Next thing to do is call the restaurant, no, no one turned in a bg
meter from the restaurant or the parking lot. Yes, the lady at restaurant
did know what a meter looked like her father or grandfather had diabetes.
Then, we thought that maybe that the meter fell out when Eve got in the van
at the restaurant and it was still in the lot. So husband start back to the
restaurant, Eve and I started searching the house for the 4th, 5th time.
Thinking that Eve didn't come up the driveway when she retrieved the mail,
but cut though the yard, I got the flashlight out once again and went
outside. Holding the flashlight at an angle so I could see a larger area,
there more than half way to the street, resting in the snow covered with
frost was her meter in its black case (now white with frost, 17 degrees F
outside). Called husband on his cell phone (thank goodness for cell phones)
and told him we found the meter; he was only about 5 minutes down the road.

Eve turned the meter on and meter said it was too cold to do a bg. She
waited and then the meter worked fine, but then it started to turn on by it
self (was it possessed, we thought). Later on that night the screen didn't
work and it didn't quite beep the same way.  Then it wouldn't work at all.
Then we pronounced it dead. Cause of death "Exposure". :-(  Rest in peace.

 Good thing we have a spare meter.

This is one birthday I will never forget.

Deborah mom to Eve 13.5
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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