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Re: [IP] Teens and A1Cs

    My then 13 yr old had an a1c of 8.8 pre-pump & was down to 6.8 six months 
later. The next several were all in the 7s, but when I was dx'd with breast 
cancer almost 2 years after she started pumping, the next two A1Cs were 8.8 
and 8.9. The subsequent one was in the high 7s and the most recent one was a 
7.1. Adolescence is a turbulent time between raging hormones, stress, 
emotional upheaval, growth hormones, etc.....BUT what I perceive as THE 
critical difference is that we're talking about our teenaged daughters A1Cs 
being in the 8s vs the 7s that we'd prefer, whereas far too many adolescents 
are walking around with A1Cs closer to their AGES, with their endos telling 
the parents "well that's about all you can expect with teenagers!" GRRRRRRR
   So tell your daughter for me that simply by virtue of being proactive in 
her care by using a pump, she's WAY ahead of the curve!
Regards, Renee (almost 18 yr old Melissa's pump mom!)
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