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[IP] Re:fast foods and high test soda

V. Interesting....My husband is constantly "returning" my sodas when they 
taste "off"(I really can barely tell- I was a nutrasweet kid(tho' I wasn't 
diabetic yet)...
Interesting enough-there is a mcdonalds near here(near Boston) that has a new 
machine in the drivethrough area-it has one output nozzle, and it seems that 
the clerk punches the order into the computer and the soda machinehandles all 
the bev. stuff itself.  But still-it has one nozzle, so I have gotten soda 
that I am positive is diet(husband who is a sugarjunky sampled it and 
rejected it immediately)-and an hour later I'm 100-150points higher.....
Watch out for those nifty but dangerous machines!!!
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