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[IP] Hospital procedures

Jack Granowski asked:
>>Is there anywhere to complain, or make suggestions, for getting better
instruction to our nurses and doctors in ER's and hospitals regarding
modern diabetic care and pump use (probably been brought up before)?
Who should I contact at the local hospital(s) to get a little better
awareness?  Is the ADA involved in anything like this?<<


As a former hospital administrator, I'd suggest that you send letters to the
Chairperson of the hospital's Board of Trustees, the hospital CEO and the
President of the hospital's Medical Staff (not the VP of Medical Affairs who
is employed by the hospital, but the physician elected by the community's
medical staff to represent them to the hospital).  These people will surely
be the folks who will want to be responsive to the needs of the community
served by the hospital, I.e. you.  They will set the policy that others will

You should be able to find the names and addresses for these folks by
finding the hospital's website, the state's hospital association or calling
the CEO's office.  Word of caution, if you call the CEO's office, they will
undoubtedly try to dissuade you from contacting the others.  Don't take "NO"
for an answer!

Ken G.
T1 dxd '71, pumpin' since 9/00
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