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[IP] Re: Itchy sites

Sara - Itchy sites is a problem I've been dealing with since I started the 
pump 2 months ago.  Initially it was severe enough so I took a 3 week hiatus 
to give my belly time to heal and to test various products to see what I was 
reacting to.  Found I was very reactive/allergic to IV Prep (found this is a 
not uncommon problem) and to the Polyskin, Tegaderm and IV 3000 tapes.  Now 
using Bard prep and Silhouettes - not perfect but better.  I find that some 
sites still react and I change them every 36 (seems to be the time for me to 
begin to react) and 48 hours.  Sometimes I can make it to 72 hours.  To treat 
the itchy sites I use Calmospetine (available without prescription at Wal 
Mart though they may have to order it - it helps soothe and heal).  I've also 
tried ice packs and a cream with Aloe and Benadryl for more temporary relief. 
 Understand itchies are not a common problem but, boy, when you have them, 
it's hard.  Let me know if this helps.  Jill T
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