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Re: [IP] Kap's endo is confusing me and him - Sliding Scale

Dear Kap's Mom,
You illuminate yet another example of doctors not knowing as much as the 
patient/patient's mom.  After having a couple of experiences like the one you 
just described, I just won't follow an endo's recommendation if it doesn't 
make sense. If it is important enough, I will tell the endo that I am not 
going to go with his recommendation.  Otherwise, I just do what I want and 
nobody seems to notice anyway.  It helps when your kid gets old enough to act 
as a partner with you on this. My daughter is 14, and a couple of times we 
have heard things in a doctor's office and have just looked at each other and 
simultaneously said "No way".  Your doc is going on theory, not the reality 
of Kap's body and what you know to be true.  It also doesn't surprise me that 
the basketball activity, by itself, is not enough to cover an entire 
sandwich. I know my daughter would have required a bolus after a large snack 
and before a game.  Maybe a smaller bolus, but still a bolus.  So go back to 
what works, and just tell the doc that her recommendation sucked!!
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