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Re: [IP] knowing more than the docs


  You are 100% correct about us moms knowing more about our kids than their 
endos.  It is hard to find a doctor who realizes that fact, or anyone else 
for that matter.  That is why I am SOOO grateful for my son's endo.  He 
actually acknowledges this fact and has been known to call or email ME with a 
question, especially since Josh went on the pump.  Our endo was skeptical 
about this at first and now he and his partner are SOOO glad that I and 
another mom TOLD him we wanted our kids on the pump.  He swears by them 
now!!!  Now if only I can convince the school nursing staff that they know 
absolutely NOTHING about diabetes and the day-to day  care of it and ASK ME 
when they have a questions (or Josh, my NINE year old diabetic for that 
matter who knows more than any of them!!!)  Just because these people have a 
degree in a medical field does NOT make them qualified in all aspects of 

  That is one of the reasons why I have been trying out how I can become a 
CDE.  I hold a 4 year BS degree in Dev. Psychology, with almost all pre-med 
courses taken at the 4 yr college level (I thought I wanted to be a PT at one 
point!)  I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, I've worked in the medical 
field almost all of my life and now I have 3.5 years of 24/7 experience with 
Diabetes and now pumping.  It appalls me that an OT, PT, 2 yr RN (AS in 
nursing), can be automatically qualified to do the state exam for CDE and 
most of these people know very little about living with this disease.

  If anyone out there has any suggestion for me on how I might be able to 
continue to pursue this...where I live there are NO Pediatric CDE's and No 
CDE's that are familiar with pumping at all.  This is a somewhat rural area 
with lots of military (we are retired!) and we have to travel a long distance 
to get to where there is someone!!

Sorry about the ranting.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there 
ARE some doctors out there who are very willing to LEARN from the patients 
and their families!!

sylvia Staten
email @ redacted
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