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Re: [IP] Recording your boluses and BG's

In a message dated 12/2/00 1:04:54 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  I have not only recorded every BG, every 
injection, basal, bolus but I have kept EVERY log book for the past 3.5 
years!!!   My big question to any of you out there who wants to respond 
is...........WHY??  !!!   ...:-) >>

LOL   When I went on the pump, my pump trainer was making fun of people who 
keep their old log books.  I explained that sometimes I refer back -- what 
happened last time I had a cortisone injection, hiked in the mountains, 
crossed time zones ....   I use a weekly calendar book, and write in not just 
basals, boluses, and bg's, but (most of the time) also what I eat, when and 
how much I exercise, and things happening that I think might affect my blood 
sugar.  So it is a diary of sorts, also (can use it to track old doctor and 
dentist appointments, as well as fights with my husband, if I should ever 
want to).  I think I have 12 years of this kind now, plus a few more years of 
a less elaborate sort.

I kept records for doctors over the years, but these are for me.  I use the 
form that I finds balances ease and usefulness best for me, and occasionally 
copy into another form or graph for my doctor (I used the graph form from 
Pumping Insulin for several months when I first went on the pump).  She 
doesn't like my book much, but has the idea she likes the original data 
better than the copied data (and, yes, I assume that means she is worried 
that I change it for her benefit).  Not having persuaded me to use the above 
form for my original data, she usually just asks me to read her a few days of 
readings.  If I ever perfect a computer program that can handle my data, I 
think she will be much happier with a printout <gr.>

Linda Z
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