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[IP] Re: Hospital procedures

About exchanges instead of carb counts: Vegetable exchanges are 5 g CHO
All others are 15 g CHO each. If you had the exchange counts, all you had to
do was multiply the number of exchanges by 15.  :-)

Jan and Elvis

I was just recently in the hospital and found that the exchanges were way
off base.  They listed a half a bagel as 1 bread exchange.  If I used that
as a basis to bolus I would have been completely off.  The nurses where I
was, were pretty good about things and they let me keep track of my own
sugars and boluses.  Periodically when they did their rounds for all of the
diabetic patients they would accept my most recent blood sugar for their
records.  I hate those disposable lancets that they use.  They really hurt.
I had a good overall experience,  but I think that it was partially because
both my endo and my obstetrician set things up that way so I could take care
of myself.  The hospital is also used to dealing with a lot of pump
patients, but to make sure that I didn't have any problems,  I kept a small
box of assorted food next to the bed in case I needed it for any reason,
that way I didn't need the nurses if I had a problem.  I just took care of
it myself. (Although my husband kept bringing me potato chips (?) and the
staff kept asking if I had a thing for them.  I ended up throwing them out
because I didn't eat the 3 bags he gave me)
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