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Re: [IP] Hospital procedures-horror story

In a message dated 12/2/00 10:12:56 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< << ast time I was in the hospital...it was 5am and I woke up with a low.  I
  called the nurse and told her I was low.  She then told me that breakfast
  would not be served until 7am. >>
  i  guess i am    pretty  lucky  when ever  i have stayed  in the hospital  
 they  always checked   me  before  meals  and  whenever  i  told them i felt 
 like it  needed to  be ... (etc.>  >>

Hey folks

When we go to the hospital, ideally we should plan to take care of ourselves 
(if able). Test your own BGs, give yourself your own insulin, have a stash of 
snacks, make sure you have some sugar in reach at all times, etc. 

You can NEVER be assured that your BGs will be checked in a timely fashion, 
that meals won't be delayed, that a nurse will answer your call for help -- 
or even understand that you NEED help NOW!!!! YOU are responsible for your 
OWN safety!

I was in a hospital where BGs were routinely checked one hour before meals. 
Now, what good is that going to do you? I never got bedtime snacks, even when 
I asked -- begged -- for them. With dinner at 5 and breakfast at 8, I not 
only got hungry but, after having surgery, my BGs plummeted and, as you all 
know, you don't perfect your basals in just one try.

You may say that you don't want to use your own supplies because insurance is 
paying for the stay anyway. WRONG!!! YOU are paying the insurance premium, 
therefore YOU are paying (and way too much, I might add) for the supplies. 
Keep it up and that's where your insurance premium payment will go -- UP. 
Those expensive supplies are also eating into your lifetime cap. I don't know 
about y'all, but my policy specifies that, after I use up "X" amount of 
medical dollars in my lifetime, that's it. I'm conserving as many of those 
dollars now as I can: I might need them down the road. Check your policy. 

Whew! End of rant. (Maybe I've been hanging around Sara SP too much ...)

Jan and Elvis
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