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Re: [IP] Kap's endo is confusing me and him - Sliding Scale

email @ redacted wrote:
> Diabetes is confusing enough, but when it works, leave it alone.
> Thanks for listening to my venting.
> Mom to Kap - age 10 - doing what if correct for him.

EXACTLY!!!!!!  All the endo has is book learning -- even having treated
patients in ketoacidosis does not prepare the doc for the realities of
day-to-day living with diabetes.

You, on the other hand, know Kap's patterns INTIMATELY, and YOU are best
qualified to make decisions about changes. 

Seems to me that a PB and jelly sandwich is a LOT of carbs, and if he
didn't bolus for them, and then exercised, then he probably used up all
the insulin in his system, and couldn't compensate for exercise-induced
glucose release from the liver. 

Your endo may think that exercise reduces BGs -- which MAY be true for
some people, but there are surely a significant number for whom exercise
increases BGs, particularly relatively short spurts of vigorous

Anyway, just remember YOU are the expert in managing Kap's diabetes. The
endo is just an advisor with a bit of book learning -- there ARE things
you can learn from a doc, but there are also a lot of things the docs
don't know!

Good luck! 
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