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[IP] Kap's endo is confusing me and him - Sliding Scale

Kap's endo has started him using a sliding scale as she put it.
1 unit for every 50 above 150. And do not bolus for foods eaten before 
basketball if # is good.
Today he had basket ball.
He was 86 and ate a P&B/Jelly Sandwich and went to his game. Endo said do not 
bolus for food if going to play basketball.
At the endo of the game his bgs was 596 and he had moderate ketos.  He felt 
bad, but he was not sick.
Also, according to her we should be using 1 unit for every 50 above 150 when 
he is high.  He would have needed 9 units if that was the case, he did only 5 
since in the past 1 unit has brought him down 100 points.  And sure enough he 
was down to 56 within 1 hr and we should have really done 4 units with him 
playing basketball.
I believe his basel rate is set for correctly and only small amount of food 
is needed for basketball because he doesnt go low if he doesnt eat on the 
days he doesn't play.
Confused on why she would change with what was working.
She was worried about passing out with using 1 unit for every 100 above 100.  
Me I am sure he will pass out with 1 per 50 above 150.
Diabetes is confusing enough, but when it works, leave it alone.
Thanks for listening to my venting.
Mom to Kap - age 10 - doing what if correct for him.
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