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[IP] Re: Hot Tubs...we had a crazy experience


We don't use hot tubs often, only when we travel and stay at nice
hotels, but we are very carefull with them because.......

We decided to celebrate Erica' 2 months of pumping by going to a resort
here in Nova Scotia and because we were going into the hot tub, decided
to do her site change after getting out  We had no problem with a low,
but we did make a...


When we got back to the cabin, Erica had showered, I cleaned a spot and
put in the Silhouette.  BOOM!!  Instantly filled with blood like a straw
right up to the connector.  I decided that was a freakish thing to
happen, and like all good prepared pump travellers, had taken 3 sils
with me in the event something weird would happen.  so, anyway, got
another sil ready, insert...BOOM!!  Right up to the hilt again with

Must be the Scotch blood in Erica or something, but the heat caused her
to 'basal dilate' I think was the term.  She was pink all over after
getting out of the hot tub, and everything was just under the surface.
After she cooled down, and calmed down, we did an insertion with the 3rd
and last sil and held our breath.  It worked.  WE managed to enjoy what
was left of our celebratory weekend, and learned two big lessons
1.  no site changes for Erica immediately following a dip in a hot tub,
2.  Bring 4 X the amount of stuff you think you need, 10X if you are
going to be going to the Himalayas or something :)  That is why I have
our travel bag posted on our website.  You never know when you are going
to need things!

There are many people on this list who have had absolutely no problem
with doing a site change after a dip in the hot tub.  I just wanted to
let you know that what happened to Erica  is a possibility for some.

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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