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Re: [IP] Hot Tubs

On 2 Dec 2000, at 18:45, email @ redacted wrote:

> Our new hot tub is a favorite for Josh (almost nine) and sure enough he will 
> envariably go down while in the hot tub.  I asked our endo and he said that 
> the heat is a natural vaso-dialator (opens up the veins) and will allow a 
> faster circulation and filtering of the blood.  Whatever it is, it sure 
> works!!  My friend thinks the endos should PRESCRIBE hot tubs for ALL d. 
> patients...What do YOU think??!! ...:-)

Personally, I *adore* hot tubs and wish our landlord would fulfill his 
verbal (dammit we didn't get it in writing) promise to repair our hot 
tub...... however...... I do remember reading where people with 
peripheral neuropathy do need to be cautious about soaking in hot 
water--to prevent "maceration" of the skin, which allows bacteria to 
enter the tiny skin breaks, allowing infection to get a foothold.  
Maybe I'm hyperalert to everything.  I sure hope so, cuz I love hot 
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