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[IP] Different Pumps

I have been foolowing the las several threads about the different pumps.
The only thing i have to say about  it is that it is a YMMV thing.  Check
the different ones out and choose what you feel comfortable with.    To me
it is like you are going to buy a vehicle.  You are not going to go out and
buy the first one just because of  a sale pitch.  You are going to shop
around and find what you like on one and has what you want.  There will
problems with some pumps just like there is problem with brand new cars.
The company i work had a brand new truck and with in the first 6 months we
had it everything went wrong with it. From the brakes being worked on to the
transmission going out in it, and it had less than 13,000 miles on it when
this happend. Same with the pumps, you will get some that will never give
you problems and someone might get the same one and it messes up from the
word go. So to all the ones considering going on pumps choose the one that
you feel right with and fits your life style. This is just my opion and not
trying to make anyone mad.  all pumps are here for the same reason...TO
/glenn marks
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