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[IP] Re: Hospital procedures

> I also was grateful to the person who posted about having dietary
> list the carbs for the meal tray. This also took a little work to have

> them do but I was persistent.

> Gail

That's another thing that bothered me.  I only got 3 meals so did not
pursue it.  The first meal was a late meal and I was told that was the
reason that no carbs were listed.  They put me on a diabetic diet with
1,800 calories/day (which I did not want) and that had exchange rates,
no carbs.   I didn't even know that exchange rates were still used.  My
guessing was way off as I wanted to make sure I did not go low and ended
up high.  When I got my Disetronic at this hospital in '93 they did give
me carbs.  I guess that you do have to request it.

Next time (hopefully a long time from now) I will be sure to bring my
tester and supplies (batteries, infusion sets, cartridge, tester,
strips, log etc.) just as if I were going on vacation.  Make arragements
for the diet, especially to get the carbs listing and not the diabetic
diet, which is probably for T II's not on insulin.  Make sure that
everyone on my floor is instructed in pumps and modern diabetic care
(may be a little hard to fulfill).

Most (all that saw it) of the doctors and nurses were fascinated with my
pump and did not know any of the intricacies that are involved.  I would
think that all health care professionals should be instructed in the ins
and outs of pump use.  I would guess that the percentage of dm'ers using
a pumpt now is tremendously higher than ever in the past and is growing

Is there anywhere to complain, or make suggestions, for getting better
instruction to our nurses and doctors in ER's and hospitals regarding
modern diabetic care and pump use (probably been brought up before)?
Who should I contact at the local hospital(s) to get a little better
awareness?  Is the ADA involved in anything like this?
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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