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Re: [IP] laser blood glucose devices


  There is also another new meter on the market called FreeStyle.  This meter 
can test anywhere on the body, including the forearms, thighs as well as 
finger.  It requires about a pin-top size spot of blood and the results take 
anywhere from 5 secs - 30 depending on how high you are.  Our endo and his 
partner are SOOOO excited about this meter they are getting free samples and 
getting them to their youngest patients, as low as 18 months!  The cost of 
the meter is VERY comparable to other meters(they currently offer a rebate 
which leaves about $25.00 left on the cost), the strips are actually on the 
LOW side of cost, it has a 250 BG memory and down-load capabilities, it was 
virtually pain free when my son had it tested on him at a recent Diabetes 
Fair here in our community.  We are getting ours later this month.  Can't 
wait to start to spare his little fingers (will turn 9 later this month)  You 
might want to check this one out!!!

mom to Joshua
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