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Re: [IP] Softserter?


  My son is on the Dis pump but we use MM's sof-sets because of the soft 
serter.  Think of the lancet devices with the needle and big button on the 
end (well the serter's is on the end).  Only problem is that MM's sets are 
the only ones that can be used with this serter.  I actually spoke with Steve 
at Dis this past thursday and told him why we were using MM's sets right now 
(disconnectability)  Dis is coming out with the Ultraflex which is their 
Rapid that will disconnect.  The only problem is that their needle 'handle' 
for lack of a better word is very small, not bulbous like MM's so the serter 
will not work with their sites.

  You place the needle introducer handle in a slot in the serter and push it 
up until it clicks (spring loaded like the lancet device) peel off the paper 
tabs.  Place the 'feet' against the site, push the button and your set is in 
with less pain and more/easier accuracy.

  When I told Dis about this device and why I was using MM's sets he said he 
was going to talk to someone in R&D at Dis about designing a similar device 
for their sets.  It makes sense...OR just redesign their sets with a bulb 
handle on the end of the needle that would fit the serter.  Either way it 
would make things more interchangeable and give us more choices!!!

mom to Josh
email @ redacted
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