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[IP] Hospital procedures

This is a recurring subject, but I've just gotten out of the hospital
for R & R of my implant by my urologist.  I thought it was to be out
patient, so did not bring my supplies.  The nurses had a rule that they
only give bg tests every 6 hours, with no relation to eating times.  I
went into my room at 10 am and was tested, they would not test until 4
pm.  If the 6 hour came a a half hour after food, that's when they
wanted to do it.  The only way I could get tests when I wanted was to
tell them I might be high or low.  This is the hospital (Valley, LV)
where I was first taught how to use the pump, and they seem to have
deteriorated in the last 7 years.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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