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Re: [IP] Re: what's a Bleeder?

On 2 Dec 2000, at 0:46, George Lovelace wrote:

> > Thanks for the great explanations, Pixie!!! . . . one more question .
> > . . What's a bleeder?  I have an idea, but wonder what that really
> > means for you (How much blood?  Are we talking oozing or spurting or
> > what?)?
> To me a bleeder is when you pull a teflon catheter out and then 
> notice that blood is rolling down your belly.  Then if you are really 
> quick, you grab a paper towel and start moping it up.  Then you get 
> another towel, and another, and another, and another....    I haven't 
> actually experienced a squirter.  Didn't you have one Sara SP?

I haven't had a bleeder yet.  But every time I remove a set, insulin 
oozes out of the hole.  I try to put my finger over it fast so that I 
don't get a high later.  Usually do anyway though and I'm too 
nervous to give myself a bolus when the new one is in.

I think I saw someone mention how they leave the old set in for 
awhile after connecting to a new one.  I wonder if that oozing is the 
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