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Re: [IP] Chinese food, was square waving and dual waving

Okay, I just had to post this because it was so completely a propos of our 
recent discussion.

I was making Chinese food for dinner tonight (beef and asparagus with black 
beans and garlic) and made a dreadful mistake.  I had added a little too 
much liquid to the dish and decided to thicken it a bit.  Reached up to 
where I keep the cornstarch and found nothing.  So I tried another cupboard 
as my husband is notorious for putting things where they don't 
belong.  Distractedly grabbed a likely-looking yellowish box and stirred a 
spoonful into some cold water.  Threw it into the wok and watched it bubble 
up like nobody's business.  Wondered what the deal was.

Needless to say the dish was ruined.  I had added baking soda rather than 

The rice was already made so my husband ordered out Chinese.  Well, the 
dishes were not what I would have ordered, but perfect for the science 
experiment of the day.  Orange beef, which is beef coated with corn starch, 
then fried, then coated with a sweet sauce.  Shrimp with vegetables in a 
heavy brown sauce. Fried tofu with garlic and hot peppers. And some lo mein.

I didn't eat more than I normally would have.  In fact, I didn't like the 
food very much so I probably ate less.

Bolused an extra unit for the unexpecteds, which usually takes care of 
Chinese for me.

Three hours later my blood sugar is 400.

This is my mileage.  Yours may vary.

The beef with asparagus smelled so good until I ruined it, too...

High and dry,
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