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Re: [IP] Re: weight gain, A1c & other pumping problems

Kerri wrote:
> Interesting that you say your cholesterol is high. So is my
> daughter's - last time it was checked it was 262, and that was
> DOWN from the previous check (she got a double whammy of high
> cholesterol problems on both sides of the family - ugh! Poor
> kid!) Dietary changes and exercise only brought it down
> minimally. She is not overweight but just right for both height
> and weight for her age. She is taking colestipol for it (8mos
> now) and hopefully it will show improvement the next time it is
> checked. I felt the same way as you...she was just 9 when she
> went on the meds and that really bothered me because she is just
> a KID for crying out loud!!! But, it was necessary. It's just
> like when some diabetics have to take ace inhibitors and others
> do not.

High cholesterol can be caused by high BG's, and takes time to come
down. Cholesterol in newly diagnosed or poorly controlled Type 1's can
be astronomical.  I'm glad to hear that your daughters cholesterol is
coming down!

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my cholesterol was 315 (I also
inherited lousy genes!), but after all my chronic diseases were treated,
it has come down to 173 on the last test, LDL was 72, and HDL has come
up significantly from 35 to 58. Only thing slightly high was
triglycerides, at 215, but my cardiologist didn't think it was anything
to worry about. (Some people run tri's in the thousands!)  

Cholesterol medications alone DIDN'T do it for me -- lowest I could get
on a statin was 242, but when the thyroid was treated, and I started
insulin, and female hormones (perimenopausal!), my cholesterol dropped
like a rock. 

Chances are, for your daughter, it's going to take a combination of good
BG control AND medication, but I think it's worth it, because Type 1's
can have heart attacks in their 20's and 30's, and you want to prevent
that if at all possible!

Good luck!
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