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Re: [IP] MM vs D

Mom Kiley,

  I agree with most of what you told Susie except for one thing...That is 
that the majority of the people that I've dealt with in either company are, 
in fact, diabetics and either on a pump or getting one soon.  Atleast that is 
how it is up here in the GREAT NORTHWEST!!!  So these people would have first 
hand knowledge about what a pump can do for a person's life.

  Of course they are going to want to push their brand but everyone here is 
just as happy to know that more diabetics are able to get on the pump and 
improve their lives.

  For us, my son is on the D-Tron but is using MM Sof-sets with the serter 
(this is very new and WONDERFUL for BOTH of us).  So, just because we have 
one pump doesn't mean we don't appreciate the other's product line!!!  And I 
have never gotten any complaints from either side about the interchange on 
products.  What I think this shows is that BOTH companies (and I hope Animas 
as well) are so concerned about the well being of the person on the pump that 
they did make the sets interchangeable so that any pump can use either set 
types.  That is saying alot if you ask me!!!

Good luck to ANYONE trying to decide.  BOTH companies (again I'm not familiar 
with Animas) are mostly interested in making living with diabetes as easy as 
possible and they are BOTH working hard on trying to find a cure!!!

sylvia staten
mom to Joshua, dx 8/97, pumping 12/99 
email @ redacted
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