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Re: [IP] Food Attitudes

Wombn wrote:

<<As a result, my brother didn't even *taste* sugary, highly
processed items until we moved to the States when he was 3
years old and I was 9 months old.  He has never craved sugar and I always

I found this interesting... when my sister was dx'd in 1962, sugar in our
house almost became nonexistent.  6 months later in 1963, I was dx'd.  We
always ate cereal with no sugar on it... and I raised my daughter to eat
cereal plain with just milk.  One day she had a friend over to spend the
night and I fixed them cereal and her friend loaded it up with sugar.  My
daughter tried it and ended up throwing the bowl of cereal away, it was too
sweet.  Today at 21, she still eats her cereal without sugar as do I (we
both think it tastes better that way).

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