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Re: [IP] Recording your boluses and BG's

On 1 Dec 2000, at 13:48, Sherry Compton wrote:

> I was reading some of the posts about the different types of 
> pumps, and I have a question--do all of you write down all of your 
> boluses?  

I write down everything, even my basals (with a pretty multi-colored 
chart too!) because I'm not at all intuitive about this insulin 
business and my endo needs to see *EVERYTHING* so that she 
can do the calculations for me and tell me why this or that BG was 
what it was.

So I include: bg, bolus, basal, carb count (for one week a month, I 
write down precisely every food too, including protein and fats, and 
weights and measures), activity (intensity and duration), sleep 
times (which are rather screwy cuz of our highly variable business) 
and I include notes about things such as my periods, headaches, 
UTIs, swollen glands, neck pain (chiropractic), medical procedures 
(such as the LEEP I had early in Nov) etc etc etc.  Anything that 
could possibly affect my stress levels or health.

I am hoping that some day I won't have to be this precise and 
detailed.  But it doesn't look like that day will be here soon.
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