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[IP] Picking an insulin pump

When I started looking into pumps in June or July last year, my doctor had a
video from MM and D. I asked him which one was better (before even watching
the videos) and he said it would be up to me. At the time I wished he would
just take the decision out of my hands, but I'm glad I had to do some
homework. I picked the MM 508. This may sound silly, but part of the reason
was the appearance of the pump.  To me, the D pump looked kind of medical and
science fiction-y while the MM just looked like a pager.   Not knowing anyone
else with a pump, I was concerned about looking odd or standing out. The
waterproof features were not much of a concern to me since I don't swim or
dive. I do think the D has a good option with the backup pump, but so far I
haven't needed anything like that anyway. I use the softset QR because I need
the softserter.  I never gave myself shots in the stomach in 14 years of MDI,
so I think this is a good tool for those of us who are a little tummy
I am very happy with my decision to start pumping.  I feel more healthy and
energetic now that I don't roller coaster all day, and I feel like I can make
decisions for dinner, or activities without planning hours ahead.  I like not
having to run to the bathroom during intermissions or breaks to take an
injection. Not to mention the fact that my arms and legs aren't bruised all
the time anymore.
Which ever pump you pick, I don't think you'll regret it.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Pumping since 8/30/00
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