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Re: [IP] Re: Overweight and Over 40 Type 1

RoseLea wrote:
> Natalie wrote:
> <<The fact is that Type 1's are just like the regular population. A
> certain percentage of them are genetically insulin resistant and WILL
> get fat if they don't watch what they eat and exercise.  They also have
> the cholesterol and blood pressure problems that go along with
> thesyndrome.>>

> So just because you're an overweight Type 1 over 40, doesn't mean you have
> the same characteristics of most Type 2's. 

I didn't say that. I said that a CERTAIN PERCENTAGE (probably not more
than 25% at most) of Type 1's are genetically insulin resistant and can
exhibit the symptoms of the Type 2 syndrome if they gain too much

Obviously, you're not in that percentage. 
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