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[IP] type 1 overweight etc

Thanks for all your responses, many of you have touched on some other issues
that really relate.  Michael mentioned that his daughter's a1c also climbed
but had less serious lows and highs.  At least since pumping i have had a
LOT LESS lows, especially at night.  And it has helped with dawn phenom and
being able to sleep in late on weekends.  The night time lows are very
infrequent for me now, and that's a relief because I'm afraid one day i may
not wake up from the symptoms, and my husband sleeps very soundly and
usually does not notice if i'm having a night time low.  Michael, you also
wrote about our national obsession with weight, and i agree that it's a
little nuts, but in my case I really do need to get the weight off for my
health and i think it would be worse if I didn't worry about it - i'm only
5'2" and close to 50 lbs overweight.  I'm most concerned because I was
already overweight when i got the pump and then added 30 more to my already
substantial load.  the aggravating thing is at dx I was at ideal weight, but
i was not able to stay there once going on insulin.

Kerri, I'm glad to hear your daughter's good news that the a1c is on its way
down.  I know it's possible for me too and I will work at it.  Yes my
cholesterol is around 250 and after discussion with my husband last night i
realized i should get the medication and start bringing it down as soon as
possible.  Diet hasn't helped with the chol. and it runs on both sides of my
family so i'm sure there's some genetic component so i better attack it now.
Also i kept thinking i was too young for this, but really i'm not SO young
anymore, almost 29, and I'm sure there are metabolic slowdowns going on that
are making things more difficult for me.  I'm definitely not as active as I
was at 23 or 24.

Bonnie - from what you wrote I realized there are more like me out there --
and now I remember what a previous doctor mentioned to me once - that i'm
probably a "Type 1-and-a-half" !  This would fit in well with many
characteristics you mentioned (though i realize everyone is slightly
different).  At least I don't have blood pressure problems (YET!).  I was an
asthmatic child who was not allowed much exercise because of it, and this is
now my lifelong bad habit of not exercising and I never developed a love for
it or for sports.  Maybe I'll never enjoy it but I have to admit to myself
that I better DO IT or i could drop dead, maybe not tomorrow, but it could
be a lot sooner than i'd like.

I forgot to mention the doc yesterday suggested adding Avandia or Glucophage
to my treatment which I had never heard before for a T1. 
Main goals:  1:  Reduce work stress, shorten work hours    2: count carbs &
calculate doses more accurately (try for no more than 30/45/45 carbs in the
3 meals)   3:  Go to the gym after work     
It helps for me to write these goals down, for all of you to see!! 

Natalie, I love what you wrote -- "Type Weird"!!!  I'm definitely joining
that club!

Thank you ALL for your words of encouragement.  Family support is great, but
from people who have "been there" it is SO much better.  I resisted support
groups for 5 years -- but no longer -- you are really helping me.

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