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[IP] Eeeeeek!

Um...Hi. I've joined the ranks of Sherry from Bowling Green. Yeppers, am
pregnant according to the two little lines on the test. We wanted this, but
why am I panicking, terrfied, and not thrilled and estatic? I really could
use some friends and support right now from other women, as I'm scared outta
my mind and want my mom <chuckle, she's likely thrilled and dancing around
heaven tho!> I'm too hysterical in tears to consider dancing! I called my
Dr. and my endo already, they said find an OB/GYN and are getting me a
high-risk specialist. But should I repeat the test with the second one in
the box? My GP said it wasn't necessary. One glaring double purple lined
test is almost a sure deal I'm pregnant and knowing most fidt time moms,
I'll test anyways, he said. I'm only 14 days late and just tossed my cookies
twice and had dry heaves alot, sugar averaging around 70 for last 2 weeks.

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