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[IP] Re: Overweight and Over 40 Type 1

Natalie wrote:

<<The fact is that Type 1's are just like the regular population. A
certain percentage of them are genetically insulin resistant and WILL
get fat if they don't watch what they eat and exercise.  They also have
the cholesterol and blood pressure problems that go along with

While I too am a bit overweight (I've lost 15 pounds since going on the pump
6 months ago) I don't consider myself insulin resistant.  My basal runs at
11u per day and my TDI is around 30u.  My weight gain came from too many
lows and exhaustion from all the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride of
MDI for too many years.  Now that my bgs are more stabalized, I'm able to
lose weight by just following a diet similar to Weight Watchers (I only eat
a certain amount of carbs per day, and when I've done that, I'm done eating)
but I can eat any carbs I want.  Right now I'm working on getting into an
exercise program since I now seem to have hit a plateau on my weight loss.
So just because you're an overweight Type 1 over 40, doesn't mean you have
the same characteristics of most Type 2's.  I also have very good blood
pressure and my cholesterol is very good too.  But, I am still Type 1 over
40 and overweight.  I think this is another YMMV thing.

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