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[IP] MiniMed Disetronic and Animas--ATTN Susie

 Don't get wrapped up in pump wars or the reps trying
to sway you. It sounds like you made your mind up on
the D Tron for some reasons which you have. I don't
know your reasons, but obviously they are important
because you had your mind made up. Stick with your
gut, like my parents say on a test...if its multiple
choice never change your first ansewr on a whim b/c
most likely you'll wrong..stick with your gut.
 I kept swaying back and forth between MM and D 17
months ago and listeningto reps which is not a good
idea b/c they are largely interested in asale. Most
importantly, is that you get *a* pump. As for swaying
in decisions, I did change my mind after 15 months for
various reasons, I switched to Disetronic despite what
others told me..why? because I had to do what was
right for me. And because I did have good reasons,
insurance was no hassle, even though my warranty was
not up.
 It's an individual choice. Everyone thinks he knows
best and some people will harshly criticize the other
companies no matter what. you have to tune out this
immature stuff. Know what you want, do a trial and any
choice will be good.

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