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[IP] Re: mini-med vs. disetronic

Hi Susie- you might want to email your disetronic rep(if you have one...mine is Bill Falla here in NE and he's great about not pressuring and being honest his email is email @ redacted) and ask them all these questions-I am not on the d-tron, but the h-tron, with the h-tron I just one button to access my boluses and times, I know my pump's information can be sent via a modem(which my rep has)-but I don't feel I need this feature-the pump will show the past 10 boluses which is great because I am terrible at writing things down right away...Also both companies are working at "the big goal", but are going about it in different ways, both of which sound good...To me, and I may be wrong here, it sounds like the mini-med person was trying to sway/pressure you a bit...pressure is one of the main reasons I went with Disetronic(everyone here has had different experiences)-Bill, my rep, was non-pressure-there if I had any questions, didn't "put-down" the other product, but beca!
use I had done my research simpl
y answered my "why does/doesn't this have this feature? what does it have instead? what makes this pump special?"
so I really made my own decision-and among other things the waterproof thing was very important as my h-tron has already kissed the porcelain god and it's only a month....
Please let me know if you have any more questions
email @ redacted
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