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[IP] MM vs D


I don't write often, but I keep up on the list.  This is just my opinion,
but that's what you asked for, right?  So here I go.  I believe that MOST of
the sales people will drive you crazy trying to sell their product.  They
don't really look at your needs and take your lifestyle into consideration .
. . so that leaves the final decision up to you.

I use the H-tron plus and my 4 year old daughter is in the process of
getting the mini-med.  I chose the H-tron for myself because of the fact
that it comes with a backup pump and it's waterproof.  I chose the mm for my
daughter because it has a safety lockout on it.  (Being that she is only 4.)

As far as checking your boluses, you can do that with the H-tron also.  And
I don't really know about the MM/Lilly "link" . . . I've never heard that
one before.  And about the "we are much further along with newer products" .
. . that sounds like a sales pitch to me.  If you ask Disetronic, they would
tell you the same thing, right??  Both pumps have their advantages and
disadvantages.  No one pump is perfect for everybody.  Talk with your doctor
or CDE about your concerns.  They may be able to help you figure out which
pump will best meet your needs.

I believe both pumps are equally good.  Just different.  Don't let the sales
person make the decision for you!  You'll have to live with the pump 24/7 at
least until the warranty runs out, so I'd be sure to get the one I liked the

> > From: "Susie Hayden" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Mini-med vs. Disetronic
> I know there has been a lot of discussion on this lately. We had made up
> mind to get the D-tron because of the waterproof, then the MM lady called
> today and talked about how you just push one button and can look to see
> your last bolus was and when it was given -- can the D-tron do this? She
> said that the MM is the only one that you can download and get all your
> basal's etc. -- Can the D-tron do that? She said that MM is linked with
> Lilly and are so much better in their education and much farther along in
> new products. She said the waterproofing is not that big a deal. We have a
> pool and I thought it would be best so he wouldn't have to unhook all the
> time. I'm so confused -- anybody have any advice?
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