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Re: [IP] Clothes

Jackie wrote:

<<I'm going to wear dress #2 again next week and will be doing a lot of
dancing, I'm going to try clipping it onto the bottom of a pair of bike

I'm not a dress wearer either, I prefer slacks, but we have a dressy dinner
to go to next weekend and I think I'm going to try the bike short thing.  I
have a few pairs of bike shorts I wear while riding, and they're made of a
spandex type material.  I figure not only will I get somewhere to put my
pump, but the bike shorts will work as a sort of "girdle" and keep me kinda
slimmed out too.  2 benefits in one.

My second choice is to wear a sport bra type of bra (cami bra) and put the
pump in the middle.  I have a friend who does this all the time with her
pump and it works great.  If the bra works with the dress, this may be a
good choice as well.

Now that the holidays are coming, I also need to think more about dresses
and Grover...

RoseLea (& Grover, a blue Disetronic H-Tron Plus)
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