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Re: [IP] Sabrina & Weight

Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> Yes, I am a Type 1 diabetic who perfectly fits the profile for Type 2 - fat,
> female and over forty!  When I have had to change doctors they don't believe
> I am Type 1 until they test and then they shut up about trying to give me
> pills!
>  Now I am in front of a
> computer all day and have arthiritis in my feet and knees and don't get
> much.   Plus, I am lazy and my stationary bike sits there gathering dust!
> My cholesterol was running at 200 to 225, but after a 6 months on Pravachol,
> it was 172 last August.  I also just started taking Prozac three weeks ago.
> I am beginning to see some reduction in my rebellious eating habits...maybe,
> just maybe, I will get back into a healthier lifestyle.   The truth is that
> less food and more movement is the ONLY way to lose weight.   After nearly
> 60 years of diets, I know this to be an absolute.

> And I feel better just knowing you are there too!  Maybe we can support
> each other. 

And to make both of you feel better, there is a late-onset Type 1 in our
local pumpers group who is ALSO fat, female and over 40!!! (NOT talking
about myself!)

I know another one, diagnosed at age 7, whose father and sister have
Type 2. 

There is still a stereotype that all Type 1's are slim and fit. But it
just ain't true. 

Most of the medical community still seems to believe in this myth, which
is why Bonnie gets docs who try to switch her to pills. 

Most adult-onset Type 1's also are started on pills, and let me tell
you, it's HELL trying to function in daily life when your BGs are going
up and up, and you can't last an hour without peeing, and you can't
utter a full sentence without a sip of water, and your next doctor appt.
is a month away. 

The fact is that Type 1's are just like the regular population. A
certain percentage of them are genetically insulin resistant and WILL
get fat if they don't watch what they eat and exercise.  They also have
the cholesterol and blood pressure problems that go along with the
syndrome. Type 1 and Type 2 are NOT mutually exclusive. 

Good luck to both of you, and remember that, even if I'm NOT fat, I
still sympathize!

Smiles from a survivor of 5 months of oral meds! 
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