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[IP] Sabrina & Weight

Hi Sabrina, 

Yes, I am a Type 1 diabetic who perfectly fits the profile for Type 2 - fat,
female and over forty!  When I have had to change doctors they don't believe
I am Type 1 until they test and then they shut up about trying to give me

I have always told people the pump is Good New/Bad News for me.   Good news
because my control is better than ever (last test was 6.2), but bad news
because I can now eat anything I want.    I have put on 30 pounds in the
last 12 years, 15 of those after the pump.  Some of the cause is post
menopausal slowing of metabolism, part is genetics and part because I love
food and now can eat anything.   I am taking Xenical, which is a fat
blocker, which, to date, has no side effects.  I have had a VERY SLOW weight
loss of 7 pounds since April.  I eat a healthy diet, lo fat, lots of
veggies, no red meat.   I get very little exercise anymore.  Used to walk
four miles a day and kept weight reasonable.  Now I am in front of a
computer all day and have arthiritis in my feet and knees and don't get
much.   Plus, I am lazy and my stationary bike sits there gathering dust! 

My cholesterol was running at 200 to 225, but after a 6 months on Pravachol,
it was 172 last August.  I also just started taking Prozac three weeks ago.
I am beginning to see some reduction in my rebellious eating habits...maybe,
just maybe, I will get back into a healthier lifestyle.   The truth is that
less food and more movement is the ONLY way to lose weight.   After nearly
60 years of diets, I know this to be an absolute. 

Your feelings about yourself and your weight are so very familiar to me.
Please feel free to write me privately if you wish.  You are not alone.
And I feel better just knowing you are there too!  Maybe we can support
each other.   Jeez, I would kill to be like some of the folks on this list
who are "serious" exercisers!    

Please keep me posted on how you are doing.  I really care and I understand!

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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