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Re: [IP] Clothes

I've worn a dress all of two times since going on the pump last June. 

With dress #1, I put the pump right below one of my breasts and it wasn't 
noticible.  I was able to bolus discreetly at dinner.
With dress #2 which was long and more clingy, I tried the thigh.  I don't 
have a "thigh thing" but I do have a waist strap with velcro and a pouch 
and I was able to wrap it around my thigh three times until it was pretty 
secure.  I wasn't very active: mostly sitting and walking, but at the end 
of the day when I was climbing the stairs in the parking garage it kept 
slipping down my leg and luckily I was along so I was able to fix it and 
make it to my car without it dangling around my ankles. 
I'm going to wear dress #2 again next week and will be doing a lot of 
dancing, I'm going to try clipping it onto the bottom of a pair of bike 

With neither dress could I put it in my cleavage or on the side of my bra 
and have it not show.  I'm not sure if a real thigh thing would have 
faired better than my makeshift one, but I wouldn't be comfortable with 
having it stay during many hours of high activity.

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