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e: [IP] Mini-med vs. Disetronic

The only feature that the MM has that the Animas doesn't have is the ability
to download information.  The Animas has even more features than the MM.  I
got a MM four years ago and put up with not haveing it waterproof.  I love
the water.  It was more important for me to have a fully waterproof pump
than the ability to download information. 

 When I was researching information back in May to get a new pump, MM told
me that only the doctors office would have the ability to download the
information out of the MM pump.  Is this still true?  Because if it is, what
use is it?  It doesn't do me any good.  

Remember, make sure you have all the information and don't take the word of
a pump rep about what its competitor can or cannot do.  Make sure you
confirm everything before you make a decision.

Brian Mozisek
The Automation Group
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