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Re: [IP] Mini-med vs. Disetronic Features of D_Tron Im on

Dear Suzie
I am wearing the new D-tron. While both pumps will control BS equally the 
features of my pump are as follows:
Memory recall ...last 7 days of all boluses with date & time  stamp Last 7 
days of total basil delivered per day.
Clog alarm it states under 2 units Minimed sayss 2-4 units
Low pressure alarm.... incase you forget to put in insulin cartridge, or it 
Backflow valve...... so insulin dosent travel up line when disconnected on 
Minimed you need to bolus into air when reconnecting incase insulin backflows
built in in 2 way infared port to connect to any computer wit last 90 days of 
all info.Your supposed to be able to program pump directly from computer but 
I dont think I will ever use it. They said software is awaiting approval.
Pre filled cartrides I get at my local pharmacy I just drop it in and the 
pump " Knows how much is in it.
and of course waterproof it says for all surface activities.... no deep sea 
diving allowed.It also has all the bells and whistles.... backlight, vibrate 
dual basils extended bolus but I dont really use that stuff. Its a really 
cool pump and I like it. I wold call DIsetronic and get a feature sheet on it 
to make a fair comparison.Keep in mind all the pumps will control equally and 
you may not need all the features it offers.Its a little bigger than the 
Minimed but I thought the features were worth the size. Good luck in your 
pumping quest it is worth the effort
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