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Re: [IP] Question about boluses

On 31 Dec 99, at 20:43, RoseLea wrote:

> I'm not on a pump yet, still working on it, but I have a question I've been
> wondering about.  If you figure the carbs for your meal, when do you press
> the pump button to bolus?  Before the meal, during the meal or after the
> meal?  And what if you decide later (at the end of the meal) that you want a
> dessert, can you bolus again if you've already done it?  How long does it
> take the pump to deliver a meal bolus?  Thanks much, love this list, and
> everyone have a very happy and safe New Year Millennium!  :)

The answer to the "when to bolus" question is "yes" - to all three.  
Depending on my bg level and what I'm eating I may bolus before I 
eat, during the meal or after the meal.  And if you decide to have 
desert (or even a second helping of something!) you can bolus 
again.  The only difference is if you've set a square wave bolus on 
the MiniMed you have to cancel the bolus if it's still working on it.  
Normally a bolus is completed in a couple of minutes, but with the 
square wave you can stretch that out to several hours.  The square 
wave comes in real handy for pizza, prime rib and other difficult to 
digest foods...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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