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Re: [IP] Question about boluses

> I'm not on a pump yet, still working on it, but I have a question
> I've been wondering about.  If you figure the carbs for your meal,
> when do you press the pump button to bolus?  Before the meal, during
> the meal or after the meal?  And what if you decide later (at the
> end of the meal) that you want a dessert, can you bolus again if
> you've already done it?  How long does it take the pump to deliver a
> meal bolus?  Thanks much, love this list, and everyone have a very
> happy and safe New Year Millennium!  :)

Depends on your response to the insulin. MOST people using humalog 
will bolus when they start eating and then again if there are seconds 
or dessert. Basically you bolus as you graze. This is for average 
foods, there are some foods that are exceptions, but don't worry 
about those right now. For those who use regular insulins such as 
Humulin or Velosulin, the bolus must occur 30 minutes to 1 hour prior 
to eating, just like on shots. Insulin Pumps deliver several units a 
minute. I'm not sure of the exact amount, but I think it is 5-6 

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