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Re: [IP] NOT invincible! Is that really " diet?"

Dear Amy,
Do you drink "Diet" soda from the fountains at work?  I have found, that
~ 80% of the time the " Diet " fountains have Regular soda in them!  I
drive The Hamburger and Cookie chains crazy, because I always test my "
Diet " soda with a Chemstrip bG visual strip before drinking it. ~ 80%of
the time the strip turns Black or dark blue when I put it in the soda!!! 
The clerks tell me in a very annoying tone, " It's Diet". I then have
them give me a glass of water, and i put another strip in there, and it
stays white!!!  Most don't have a clue what my point is, but at least I
know not to drink 32 ounces of " diet' soda!!   It's very annoying, but I
get very frustrated that so many people with diabetes are drinking sugar
without knowing it!  I have tested bottled soda several times and have
never had a problem.  Test your soda at work and see what happens.  I
have found that only the visual read strips work, even if they're
expired!  I'm not looking for an exact number!

Maeve  Diabetic for 15 years, pumping for two years.
The Kellys
email @ redacted
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