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[IP] kids and logging and renee

> <<  I want her to have some kind of
>  "non responsibility" in this area of her life.  she does her own site
>  changes and has alot to think about. >>
> Dear Ruth:
>      I agree completely....No matter how mature & responsible our kids
> they ARE still kids.

and renee,

this whole logging thing is also my issue...soon to be HERS.

  geneva really does have a handle on what is happening with her.  she
always tells me.."mom , I am growing,  let's up the basals.....  mom...I ate
pancakes this am....that is why my BG is high now. I forgot to do a temp
basal for two hours."  etc.  etc.

and I am very anal about this whole mess.  she prob. will be also.  ...she
will "mirror" my behavior as most kids do.

thanks for the "positive stroke"

happy new year and happy pumping.


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